The best of minorities in cartoons: LGBT Pride Month

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

June is LGBT Pride Month. For this “best of minorities in cartoons” post, I’ll look back at the some of the noteworthy LGBT characters I’ve written about.

LGBT issues in cartoons


Mark Slackmeyer came out as gay in a memorable 90s storyline, though the strip had previously featured minor only gay supporting character Andy Lippincott. As the host of an NPR talk show (and being outspoken in general), Mark subsequently ended up occasionally speaking about LGBT-related issues.

Chelsea Boys

Chelsea Boys” featured the gang in one strip breaking the fourth wall, in order to give their two cents on what they thought about pride parades. The ban on gay men donating blood also came up in a strip published shortly after the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast

Kyle's Bed and Breakfast by Greg Fox
Art by Greg Fox.

Kyle’s” features some commentary on occasion, in between the characters’ soap opera antics. A storyline during the 2014 Winter Olympics saw several of the characters attend Sochi. One character, Michael, stages a protest against Russia’s anti-gay policies during his performance as an Olympic skater.

Kevin Keller

Archie’s gay teen Kevin Keller has participated in some pro-LGBT activities since his debut in Riverdale.

Kevin’s crowning moment is probably the time he appeared on “The Ellen Show” (in-universe) to go up against the leader of “12 Million Moms.” Kevin had ended up on the show following a series of events set off when the leader of “Moms” saw Kevin kissing his then-boyfriend at the gang’s soda shop hangout. On “Ellen,” Ms. DeGeneres points out to the leader of “Moms” that contrary to its name, the group barely has membership in the triple digits.

A Couple of Guys

Eric and Joey, the lead characters in this long-running LGBT newspaper strip, usually are shown attending New York’s pride parade each year. In 2015, Eric and Joey were joined by April, Eric’s teenage niece. At the time, April was dating a transgender boy classmate named Leo, to April’s father’s consternation. (Her Dad’s a Howard Stern-esque “shock jock” radio show host.) The two have since split up, however.

Dykes to Watch Out For

The long-running comic strip by Alison Bechdel often made politics (both LGBT and non-LGBT) a featured focus, especially from the rant-prone lead character Mo.

Same-sex marriages

I’ve previously written about same-sex cartoon couples who’ve walked down the aisle.

Other LGBT characters

Wedding of Northstar
Art by Dustin Weaver.

Besides the ones previously listed, other LGBT characters (or series featuring LGBT characters) I’ve written about are listed below.

DC Comics


Non-DC/Marvel comics

Comic strips/webcomics



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