Alternatives to visiting movie theaters, libraries, and comic book shops

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

With the entire country (and world) embroiled in the coronavirus pandemic, “social distancing” and staying at home are becoming more and more common. Ditto working at home, for those whose jobs allow such. There’s also school systems shutting down for weeks.

As such, there’s been an increase in demand for digital services. While most movie theaters and many libraries have shut down, fortunately there’s alternatives that don’t require leaving one’s house.

I’ve written previously about digital media options. So, here’s links to some of the more relevant posts, all in one spot.

Alternatives to visiting movie theaters

Streaming services are the obvious alternative here, of course. Not only do you get movies, but also various TV shows. A few posts I’ve written on streaming services:

I’ve also written reviews of specific streaming services, including:

Alternatives to visiting the public library

Vancouver public library book shelves
Photo by GoToVan (Flickr / CC BY)

Fortunately, most public libraries now also offer a variety of digital services. In that regard, I’d suggest seeing if your library offers Overdrive or Libby. I’d recommend the latter app, as it’s a streamlined/improved version of Overdrive.

Alternatives to visiting local comic shops

If you’re not able to get to a local comic shop, there are now plenty of digital comics alternatives. Among the options include:

  • Comixology (for single issues and trades/graphic novels)
  • Comixology Unlimited, Marvel Unlimited, or DC Universe (for Netflix-style subscription services)
  • Humble Bundle (for DRM-free digital comics)
  • Hoopla (for free single issues and trades/graphic novels, via your public library)

Additionally, many local comic shops now offer alternatives to a physical visit. Depending on your shop, it’s possible to set up a pullbox online or over the phone; said comics can also be delivered by mail. Creators Alex Cox and Skottie Young made a comic strip describing how to set this up. To locate a comic shop near you, try the Comic Shop Locator website.

Photo by m01229 (Flickr / CC BY)

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