Marvel’s films outgross DC’s; Batman’s films are the most popular

The Lego Batman Movie

For decades, fans have debated who the most popular superheroes are. The “Big Two,” DC and Marvel, are more than glad to feed into this with constant crossovers, heroes fighting other heroes (see “Batman V Superman”), or whatnot. One popularity gauge might be who brings in the most money. While Marvel’s comics these days outsell DC’s, how do the companies’ superhero movies compare?

How original are 2016’s summer blockbuster movies?

Finding Dory

It’s time once again to take a look at this summer’s blockbuster films, and see how they’ll rank on the basis of originality. That’s as outlined by an episode of the 90s TV series “The Critic,” where Jay Sherman stated one should skip seeing a film if it’s: Based on a TV show. After Roman numeral … Read more