The top 10 minorities in cartoons entries for 2014, plus the winners of the favorite entry poll

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Based on Google Analytics traffic, here’s the 10 most popular minorities in cartoons entries for 2014.

10 most popular entries in 2014

  1. Charles Xavier (“X-Men”)
  2. Russell (“Up”)
  3. “Wild Kratts”
  4. Alysia Yeoh (“Batgirl”)
  5. White Tiger (Marvel)
  6. Thomas Kalmaku (“Green Lantern”)
  7. Kamala Khan (“Ms. Marvel”)
  8. Chloe (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”)
  9. Trixie Tang (“The Fairly OddParents”)
  10. Franklin (“Peanuts”)

The most popular entry by traffic’s Charles Xavier, though that’s largely out of a several-day spike in traffic from Reddit. Consistently popular, however, is the second-place entry, Russell from Pixar’s “Up.” In third place is “Wild Kratts,” which also has a sizable fan base, particularly for a PBS children’s show.

Six of the ten entries are held by female characters. (I’m assuming for White Tiger the Ava Ayala version, the current identity holder used in media such as “Ultimate Spider-Man.”)

Poll winners

As for my recent poll for favorite minorities in cartoons entry, out of 59 votes (scattered across multiple entries allowed), this year’s winner’s a tie: the supporting cast of “Daria” and Marvel superhero Black Panther!


It was an eight-way tie for second place and a nine-way tie for third, plus a sizable number that didn’t get any votes. Still, congratulations to the winners!

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