Chromecast the most popular streaming device sold in 2015

Chromecast stand

A study by research firm Strategy Analytics reports that Google’s Chromecast was the most popular streaming media device sold in 2015. Chromecasts made up 35% of the 42 million streaming devices that were bought last year. Apparently, the $35 price tag makes the Chromecast more of an impulse purchase, being the cheapest streaming device. The cheapest devices from … Read more

2015 bookstore comic sales: Scholastic #1 publisher, children’s sales strong


Brian Hibbs has released his annual analysis of 2015’s bookstore comics sales, which gives a look at how comic sales are doing outside of the world of comic shops. Sales figures are drawn from sales of books at various retailers, including: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Costco, General Independents, Hastings, Target, BJ’s, K-Mart, Hudson Group, Meijer, Follett … Read more

Tablet sales drop for 2015, detachables sell OK

iPad Pro

Research firm IDC reports that tablet makers shipped 206.8 million tablets, down 10.1% from 2014. Sales of tablets also dropped from 2014, by 13.7%. The only growth area is in “detachables,” or tablets with keyboard attachments. The leaders in this area would be at the higher end. The iPad Pro sold over two million units … Read more

“Star Wars” among the 25 worst passwords of 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Everyone loves “Star Wars.” Unfortunately, everyone also loves short passwords. Hence, several “Star Wars” related entries have made the list of the worst passwords of 2015. Password management firm SplashData has released its annual list of the 25 worst passwords. The top two for the fifth year in a row: “password” and “123456.” The “Star … Read more