Anthony’s Marvel Comics picks for September 2016

Spidey #10

Here’s a look at what comics are coming out from Marvel for September 2016, including a “Vote Loki” trade paperback, “Squirrel Girl,” and “Black Panther.” Also, yet another recommendation for using Marvel Unlimited (in light of expensive comics prices).

“Rebirth,” “Civil War II” tops comics sales for May 2016

DC Universe Rebirth #1

It’s rebooting time again at DC Comics, with “DC Universe: Rebirth” #1 as the top-selling comic for May 2016. A few of DC’s final pre-Rebirth books are also in the top 10.

However, not to be outdone, Marvel’s “Civil War II” #0 came in second place. Also appearing in the top 10 is the now-controversial “Captain America: Steve Rogers” #1 comic.