Anthony’s November 2020 graphic novel picks and news

Marvel Action Avengers Off the Clock

Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s a look at what graphic novels of interest are coming out in November 2020 (and beyond). I also give some thoughts about recent comics industry news.

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A full list of solicitations is available here.

  • Marvel Action: Avengers – Off the Clock TPB, available January 2021, $10 (Amazon, Bookshop)


Archie’s releasing a trade paperback of “Jughead’s Diner,” a short-lived but oddball early 90s series. It features Jughead running a diner in an alternate dimension. From the same period that gave us the more well known “Jughead’s Time Police” (Jughead as a Timecop, with Archie’s 29th century descendant as his partner).

Marvel Action Avengers cover
“Marvel Action: Avengers—Off the Clock.” Art by Butch Mapa. (Marvel)

IDW’s line of kid-friendly Marvel titles include an Avengers trade paperback due out in January. Among the stories include Thor and Ant-Man versus Loki, and Captain America teaming up with Squirrel Girl.

DC’s releasing an odd-sounding volume in December: “DC Through the 80s: The End of Eras.” This hardcover book is a mix of various stories published during the early to mid-80s, before “Crisis on Infinite Earths” hit. (That said, yet another reprint of “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” is included.) Among the reprints:

  • “Detective Comics” #500: an anniversary issue of DC’s longest-lived title.
  • “DC Comics Presents” Annual #1: a team-up between the Supermen of Earth-1 and -2 versus the Luthors of both Earths.
  • “Wonder Woman” #311-312: Wonder Woman fights gremlins attacking her invisible plane.

Speaking of DC, they’ve also dropped one of the two non-Diamond distributors they turned to earlier this year. DC’s sticking with Lunar for direct market distribution, along with new minimum order requirements for retailers.

Marvel Unlimited switches to a three-month new issue delay

Marvel’s announced it’s shortening the new issue delay for their Marvel Unlimited digital comics subscription service. Originally at six months, it’s as of now down to just three. The Hollywood Reporter notes the change is a way to make up for the temporary shutdown (and lack of new comics published) earlier this year due to the pandemic.

This might make subscribing to Marvel Unlimited more appealing, especially versus waiting for trade paperbacks. Readers will get to keep up on storylines with less of a delay.

Image from “Marvel Action: Avengers—Off the Clock.” Art by Butch Mapa. (Marvel)


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