2015 comics sales top $1 billion; majority from trade paperbacks and graphic novels

Star Wars #1 (January 2015)

Once again, Comichron and ICv2 have released their annual joint report on the fiscal state of the comics industry. The good news is that 2015 was one of the best years in awhile; comics sales reached a record modern-era high of $1.03 billion, up 10% over 2014.

Anthony’s trade paperback and graphic novel recommendations (spring 2016)

Lumberjanes #2

I thought it might be useful to offer up a post listing my recommended trade paperbacks and graphic novels. The list is compiled from my comics solicitations posts for the period from January to March 2016. I’ve also added a few suggestions based on the New York Times’ graphic novel best seller list. Given the popularity and evergreen … Read more

2014 comic sales hit a 20-year high, thanks to digital and bookstore growth

Rocket Raccoon #1

The sites Comichron and ICv2 have joined together to analyze and release 2014’s comics and graphic novel sales data. The good news is that comics and graphic novels sales for 2014 are at the highest they’ve been since 1995, adjusting for inflation (not adjusting, the highest since 1993). Sales for 2014 total $935 million, up … Read more

Women have written six of the New York Times’ top 10 graphic novels this week


Making the rounds on Twitter today was this news: six of the top 10 graphic novels currently on the New York Times’ bestsellers’ list are written by women. The list (for the week of April 26) is as follows: Drama by Raina Telgemeier Smile by Raina Telgemeier Sisters by Raina Telgemeier Ms. Marvel, vol. 2, … Read more