Minorities in cartoons: Angela Chen

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Angela Chen.


Chen appeared on “Superman: The Animated Series” during its run on the WB network. She was the “Daily Planet”‘s gossip reporter, as well as the host of a TV show.

Chen’s personality tended toward being assertive. This and her focus on less-than-hard news led her to clash on a few occasions with the “Planet””s star reporter Lois Lane. Overall, she served a role similar to that of Cat Grant in the comics.

Angela was never introduced into the mainstream DCU comics, unlike Harley Quinn or Mercy Graves (Luthor’s henchwoman on “Superman: The Animated Series”). Chen does appear in the digital-only “Smallville” comic, however, where she’s presented as a more mainstream news reporter.

Voice actress

Angela Chen was voiced by Lauren Tom, a Chinese-American actress who starred in “The Joy Luck Club.” Tom also has done other voice work, including Amy Wong on “Futurama.”

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