Just how big is Smallville?


Since its naming in “Superboy” #2 in 1949, Superman’s childhood hometown has officially been the town of Smallville. While its aspects (and location) have varied over the decades since, one thing’s consistent: that it’s, well, a small town. Or is it? Just how small, or big, is Smallville’s population? Golden and Silver Age Across various versions, Smallville’s … Read moreJust how big is Smallville?

Why did Clark Kent move from Smallville to Metropolis?


Over the years, DC Comics has published some stories showing how Clark Kent moved from his childhood hometown of Smallville to the big city of Metropolis. But why did Clark choose Metropolis? Why not Chicago, or Gotham City, or Kansas City, for that matter? Granted, with Clark’s super-speed, he could work in Sydney, Australia if … Read moreWhy did Clark Kent move from Smallville to Metropolis?

Minorities in cartoons: Angela Chen

Angela Chen

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Angela Chen. Background Chen appeared on “Superman: The Animated Series” during its run on the WB network. She was the “Daily Planet”‘s gossip reporter, as well as the host of a TV show. Chen’s personality tended toward being assertive. This and her focus on less-than-hard news led her to … Read moreMinorities in cartoons: Angela Chen