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“Teen Titans Go!” review: “Driver’s Ed” / “Dog Hand”

Driver's EdI didn’t get around to watching this episode until just now, thus the lateness of the review of last week’s episode. Yes, SPOILERS ahead…

“Driver’s Ed”

Plot: Robin’s driver’s license is suspended (due to an accident with the Batmobile), so he takes a shady-sounding driver’s ed course to try to get it back.

Pretty funny episode; parts I enjoyed:

  • Seeing Robin drag the Titans on all manner of trivial tasks, and what specifically Robin was interrupting with his, as Cyborg put it, “stupid stuff.”
  • Further mentions of Batman and Superman: the Batmobile is shown, plus Superman’s face is seen on the sign of the coffee shop where the Titans hang out.
  • Cyborg losing his memory of Starfire due to Robin interrupting his data backup. And getting said memory back: “Hey, when did Starfire get here?”

“Dog Hand”

Plot: Raven’s father, the evil and powerful demon conqueror Trigon, pays his daughter a visit…and (at first) turns out to be a pretty friendly guy.

This one was also amusing… parts I liked:

  • Raven (temporarily) frying Beast Boy.
  • Trigon’s initial niceness, complete with a sitcom laugh track.
  • The dumb stuff the Titans wished for from Trigon. Starfire speaking like a stereotypical teenage girl… yikes.
  • The “he’ll be back” remark by Raven. Apparently, even demon conquerors from another dimension celebrate, uh, a North American holiday centered around stuffing one’s face with turkey!

Of particular note is that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Trigon depicted as a less-evil type of guy. The “Tiny Titans” comic shows Trigon as even more charismatic/less focused on villainy, willing to make pancakes for his daughter and her friends. (He also took a liking to Kid Devil, here a toddler.)

Think I liked this week’s even more than last week’s; a promising start so far for the series.

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