“Teen Titans Go!” review: “Driver’s Ed” / “Dog Hand”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Driver's EdI didn’t get around to watching this episode until just now, thus the lateness of the review of last week’s episode. Yes, SPOILERS ahead…

“Driver’s Ed”

Plot: Robin’s driver’s license is suspended (due to an accident with the Batmobile), so he takes a shady-sounding driver’s ed course to try to get it back.

Pretty funny episode; parts I enjoyed:

  • Seeing Robin drag the Titans on all manner of trivial tasks, and what specifically Robin was interrupting with his, as Cyborg put it, “stupid stuff.”
  • Further mentions of Batman and Superman: the Batmobile is shown, plus Superman’s face is seen on the sign of the coffee shop where the Titans hang out.
  • Cyborg losing his memory of Starfire due to Robin interrupting his data backup. And getting said memory back: “Hey, when did Starfire get here?”

“Dog Hand”

Plot: Raven’s father, the evil and powerful demon conqueror Trigon, pays his daughter a visit…and (at first) turns out to be a pretty friendly guy.

This one was also amusing… parts I liked:

  • Raven (temporarily) frying Beast Boy.
  • Trigon’s initial niceness, complete with a sitcom laugh track.
  • The dumb stuff the Titans wished for from Trigon. Starfire speaking like a stereotypical teenage girl… yikes.
  • The “he’ll be back” remark by Raven. Apparently, even demon conquerors from another dimension celebrate, uh, a North American holiday centered around stuffing one’s face with turkey!

Of particular note is that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Trigon depicted as a less-evil type of guy. The “Tiny Titans” comic shows Trigon as even more charismatic/less focused on villainy, willing to make pancakes for his daughter and her friends. (He also took a liking to Kid Devil, here a toddler.)

Think I liked this week’s even more than last week’s; a promising start so far for the series.

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