Eight months with the Chromebook

MacBook, coffee mug, and cactus

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

An update on my experience with my Chromebook since, well, the last time I gave an update six months ago.

The Chromebook’s still working well, with no major problems to report. Over the holidays, I got the chance to use a few of the free dozen Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi passes, which worked well—the Lenovo-esque dubiousness of Gogo messing with security certificates aside.

For apps, the most used new one I’ve installed is Stitcher, a website that manages podcasts. Podcast support’s one of Google’s weak points, since they dropped their own podcast software years ago; even Google Play Music doesn’t really support podcasts. Fortunately there’s third party software and websites available. Otherwise, the Chromebook continues to be used as a secondary computer at home, and as my main computer outside the house—keeping up my website, writing (Google Docs, WordPress), web surfing, social media, and playing movies/music.

The Chromebook’s speed is its biggest advantage over my Mac Mini. Though that’s partially because the Mini’s hard drive has lately given me some problems. This includes having to reinstall OS X; fortunately, I have backups of everything via Google Drive/Time Machine. While the Mini’s working fine now, I think it’s time to replace the hard drive.

As usual, here’s a screenshot of my current Chromebook wallpaper. This time, it’s from the PBS kids’ show “Fetch With Ruff Ruffman.”

Chromebook screenshot (03-26-15)

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