My thoughts on two years with a Chromebook

Toshiba Chromebook 2

It’s now been about two years since I bought my first Chromebook, the Acer C720. Since then, the lightweight laptop’s been quite useful. Its usefulness has increased even more since upgrading to a Toshiba Chromebook model earlier this year, giving me a Chromebook with the specs of a low-end laptop, versus the Acer’s netbook specs.

Android apps are finally coming to Chrome OS

Chromebook in education

On Wednesday, Google held its annual I/O keynote. There, the company announced various products, including: an Amazon Echo competitor (“Google Home”); some new messaging apps; the next version of Android, “Android N” (no name yet); and VR products. Thursday’s news might be of equal interest to the above, however. Google announced that its long-developed plans to integrate Android into Chrome … Read more

Top 10 tech posts for 2015

Roku Streaming Stick

Finishing up my “year in review” series of blog posts, here’s a look at the top 10 tech posts written in 2015.

My previous posts about the Roku streaming devices have seemed popular, so not surprised to see this one top the list. Also popular are discussions of digital comics and Comixology, streaming video services, and writing about my experiences with a Chromebook. As usual, offering tech tips and setup guides are also well liked.

Chromebooks now majority of US school computer purchases

Chromebook in education

A report from Futuresource Consulting states that Chromebooks, as of the third quarter of 2015, now occupy a majority of computer purchases by US schools, clocking in at 51%. Figures are much lower worldwide, as Chromebooks only occupy 3% of non-US school market share. Schools’ interest in Chromebooks has recently increased. Chromebooks have various advantages: they’re … Read more

Chrome OS to be merged with Android

Chromebook screenshot with default fox wallpaper

On Thursday, it was reported (initially by the Wall Street Journal) that Google plans to fold Chrome OS into its Android operating system. The goal is to create a new Android-based operating system for its present line of Chromebooks as well as for smartphones and tablets. The Chromebook line will also be renamed; its new name … Read more