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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

I’ve just finished changing a few things on the blog, most particularly the categories. Since setting up my blog in WordPress years ago, I’ve had the same general categories: comics, technology, media, miscellaneous, and animation. However, it’d bugged me for awhile that I had “media” as a separate (and catch-all) category separate from comics and animation, which’re also types of media.

Thus, I’ve finally fixed things, by ditching the “media” category and splitting it off into separate ones: movies; TV; and “other media.” The last one will cover the media topics I don’t write as often about, such as music.

I’ve also split the “comics” category into subcategories, based on publishers (DC, Marvel, Archie, IDW, Image, Dark Horse, and Boom), along with “other comics.” The last one will cover publishers not included in the above, as well as other comics minutiae: comic strips; webcomics; noteworthy comics aspects (such as Comixology), etc. The comics category is the biggest one on the blog, and I feel it’d grown to the point it probably needed such subdividing beyond what just tags offered. The DC Comics tag (now subcategory) alone was larger than the “media” category! That said, the “minorities in cartoons,” “cartoons at the box office” and “upcoming comics picks” blog features will stay as tags, as it was easier to leave them as such versus making them categories.

Aside from losing the “media” RSS feed, all the older RSS feeds should work normally, along with the new ones indicated in the sidebar. Ultimately, I hope all of these changes will make the blog ‘s navigation layout more intuitive and easier to use. Let me know what you think!

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