Amazon to offer unlimited cloud storage for $60/year

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

The cloud storage competition wars continue. The latest salvo: Amazon’s now offering unlimited online storage (via its Cloud Drive service) for $60/year. The company’s also offering for $12/year a service that allows one to store unlimited photos, plus 5GB of storage for other documents. Previously, the latter plan was available for free for Amazon Prime customers, but now it’s also being offered as a stand-alone service for everyone.

This makes Amazon’s cloud storage the cheapest unlimited storage offering available. Google offers 1TB of Google Drive storage at $120/year ($10/month) for individual users; for the same price, Google also offers for businesses unlimited storage and a few business-oriented features. Microsoft supposedly offers unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers (though their website still lists the old 1TB limit); that service runs $84/year ($7/month). Dropbox offers 1TB of storage for $120/year ($10/month), or a business-level plan for $180/year ($15/month) with unlimited storage. For the free tiers of the above services, Google and Microsoft offer 15GB, while Dropbox offers 2GB.

For power users, Amazon should look quite appealing. However, I expect the other companies above to adjust their prices/storage amounts to match Amazon, and sooner rather than later.

Myself, I use Google Drive, which is currently giving me 115GB for free; buying my Chromebook gave me two free years of 100GB extra storage. I also have a Dropbox account that currently has about 74GB of space, though 23GB is set to expire soon (a deal from buying my old HTC smartphone).

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