DC promises to address more diversity in its reboot-comics

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

As reported on the blog “DC Women Kicking Ass” (and other comics news sites), DC posted this statement to their blog, addressing recent criticisms about their treatment and lack of female characters/creators lately, particularly in the upcoming DC reboot.

On the one hand, it’s a welcome sign that somebody at DC (or possibly their higher-ups at Time-Warner) is acknowledging the recent complaints about diversity. Since this reboot’s supposed to be aimed at the general public, it’d be detrimental to see prospective buyers (male or female) see something like that “Flashpoint” #2 variant cover, roll their eyes and/or gag, and go back to playing “Angry Birds.”

On the other hand, there’s my main concern about this whole reboot in general: that it looks like largely the same people responsible for stuff like “Flashpoint” #2 covers (and DC’s shock-value violence of recent years) still writing the “new DCU” line. While I appreciate Grant Morrison on board to write Superman (and Mister Terrific getting his own book), stuff like Batman still looks largely unchanged (judging from that cover for the rebooted “Detective” #1—*that’s* what they’re going with for a cover for a first issue of one of their flagship titles?!). Also, story descriptions for some of the other books (such as that “not for the squeamish” line about Aquaman’s title, or Harley Quinn’s family-unfriendly and unfamiliar-to-TV-viewers costume) leaves me with an impression DC still has much to learn.

Oh, well… only a month or so to go until the reboot. Hopefully “Mister Terrific” and the Superman books will be worth trying…

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