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Updated on December 10, 2021

Given my recent move to an Android smartphone (from WebOS-based Palm Pre) means a much bigger range of apps to choose from, I thought I’d start reviewing apps I like for my Android phone. So I’ll start with this one I used on my old Pre, Sports Calendar.

Sports Calendar (US$1.99) is, as the name notes, an app that lists sports team schedules for a variety of sports, from hockey to European soccer matches. Like its WebOS counterpart, it also has the ability to add schedules of your preferred team to the default Android calendar, making it easy to follow their upcoming games. The app will also update schedules as needed (in case of rain-outs, etc.).

I’ve chosen my teams of interest (Chicago Blackhawks, Green Bay Packers, etc.), but TV schedules for the fall hockey season on Versus (or whatever Versus is renaming itself) aren’t available yet (or added to the app yet). Still, this is probably the best app I’ve seen for sports schedule information, so it should be well worth the $2 purchase price.


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