Comic review: Jinx #2

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Jinx #2

Written by: J. Torres
Art by: Rick Burchett

“Jinx,” the new series about a now-teenaged “Lil’ Jinx” (a backup feature in older Archie Comics), debuted in the pages of “Life With Archie.” However, “Life” has seen its page count reduced in recent issues, with “Jinx” now relegated to being a digital-only comic, on sale through Archie’s usual digital sales outlets. My “copy” (if you can call a DRM-rented digital comic that) was obtained via Comixology. Issue #1 consists of a reprint of the “Life With Archie” segments, while issue #2 is an entirely original story, and follow-up to the first issue. (SPOILERS below…)

In this issue, Jinx’s attempt to try out for the boys’ football team meets with roadblocks, namely in the form of requiring a permission slip from her dad, who says “no.” This doesn’t stop Jinx, of course, which (one injury on the field later) forces her into explaining to her father *how* she wound up trying out for the team. Later, Jinx (grounded until her birthday) finds out she’s receiving flowers from a “secret admirer,” leaving her to wonder who it is (and guessing the wrong person)…

I enjoyed reading about the teenaged Jinx’s, erm, hijinks. One amusing line of Jinx’s (toward a rival on the football field using a Spice Girls reference to her): “Is that the best you’ve got? A dated pop music reference?” One unexpected line, however, was seeing use of the word “crappy” in an Archie comic:

Principal: You ruined Coach Boone’s sign-up sheet [via Jinx’s giant-sized signature in issue #1].

Jinx: I have crappy penmanship! So sue me!

It does fit Jinx’s personality, but just surprised to see the word “crappy” appear in an Archie comic. Then again, it also appeared in a Disney comic awhile ago, so I suppose “crappy” must be becoming considered a tamer term than I thought (like the usage of “suck,” which now appears even in Disney Channel shows).

Jinx’s birthday, as noted in older Archie stories, is on Halloween (how she got her name).

I look forward to seeing the next issue, though I’m worried I haven’t seen it advertised much in Archie’s comics lately, even with the push of Kevin Keller’s series taking priority.

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