DC to launch “Rebirth,” a reboot/relaunch in June 2016


Yes, you read the headline correctly. After four years of the “New 52,” and a year of “DC You” attempting a soft revamp, DC’s trying yet another reboot… or revamp… or something. DC released this image on Friday via the Twitter accounts of DC honchos Dan DiDio and Jim Lee: #Rebirth pic.twitter.com/3NhY3CTTOt — Jim Lee (@JimLee) January 22, 2016 … Read more

DRM state of digital comics (winter 2015-2016)

Comixology booth

Until a few years ago, the state of digital rights management (DRM) in comics wasn’t pretty. Comixology, the dominant digital comics seller, used to offer fairly restrictive digital rights management on all of its books, with no option for publishers that wanted to opt-out. While this suited the “Big Two” (DC and Marvel) just fine, obviously … Read more

Comixology and Amazon accounts to merge

Comixology booth

Amazon, the owners of dominant digital comics vendor Comixology, has announced plans to merge Comixology and Amazon accounts. While optional for now, in the future it’ll be required for Comixology users to register and log in using their Amazon accounts. In turn, Comixology users will be able to access their Kindle digital comic purchases through a new … Read more