The world’s most popular apps I actually use

Social media apps

A study by research firm SensorTower reports that the world’s most popular apps (based on number of downloads) are largely dominated by Facebook. WhatsApp, a messaging app bought a few years ago by Facebook, is the most popular app by far, with 41.2 million global downloads as of May 2016. WhatsApp is followed by Facebook Messenger … Read more

My recommended Android apps guide (Fall 2015)

Android apps

I last wrote about what Android apps I regularly use back in the spring of 2013, when I first bought my now-in-need-of-replacing Nexus 4 smartphone. Since that’s forever ago in smartphone terms, I thought it was time for an updated Android apps guide, highlighting my favorite apps. Productivity Google Docs and Sheets: Google Drive’s web … Read more

Saying “Shazam” will finally do something in real life (on Android)

Marvel Family

Just like Billy Batson, saying “Shazam!” will finally let you see something happen in real life. Unfortunately, it’s not turning you into the World’s Mightiest Mortal, but rather, it does tie into an expansion of Android’s features. For awhile now, Google’s “OK Google” voice command’s let you do stuff within Android’s core services. Now, it’s being … Read more

Chrome OS finally receives its first four Android apps

Chromebook with Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Chrome OS’ web-based orientation means its apps are either just bookmarks to websites or actual stand-alone programs. Meanwhile, Android’s much longer history and smartphone dominance means there’s a vast number of apps available. Thus, Google’s promised to bring integration between the two operating systems, which should make Chrome OS more appealing. Last week, Google finally made … Read more

My favorite Chrome OS apps

Chromebook with Mr. Peabody & Sherman

I thought I’d list what Chrome OS apps I’m using on my Chromebook. I should note that since Chrome OS’ functionality is heavily web-based, some of the “apps” under its launcher are just bookmarks to a particular website. However, for this post’s purposes, I won’t bother distinguishing those from stand-alone programs like the calculator app. TweetDeck … Read more

Android app review: Yahoo Weather

MacBook Air on a table

Yahoo!, the company that’s recently adopted a wide range of changes, ranging from buying Tumblr to changing its logo, is striving to make inroads into the mobile world. Besides their recently improved Flickr app, Yahoo’s also improved its Weather app. The new Yahoo Weather app makes use of Flickr images to provide within the app … Read more