How to fix the comics industry’s harassment and diversity problems?

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The past few weeks have seen a large amount of attention paid to the comics industry’s problems with diversity, sexual harassment, and sexism. To summarize recent events: The Mary Sue’s Marcy Cook wrote an article summing up the industry’s problems, and offers a possible solution to resolving them. Dark Horse Comics’ Scott Allie, its editor-in-chief … Read more

Reddit finally shows some backbone, bans some racist subreddits

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Recent events with Reddit have made much of how vocally bigoted some of its subreddits are, and how half-heartedly they’ve handled such, often behind the (flawed) “free speech!” “reason.” It looks like Reddit’s finally showing a bit of backbone, or at least some concern over not being able to attract advertising dollars. On Wednesday, Reddit announced … Read more

Reddit plans to deal with its racist content by… sticking a curtain in front of it?

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Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” has been under a lot of fire in recent months. Staff turmoil, an interim CEO leaving, and its former CEO/co-founder returning have all happened within the last week or two alone. On top of all that is increasing criticism of Reddit’s sizable base of racist, sexist, and … Read more

Yet more sexism in comics: Yale Stewart and Spider-Woman

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Once again, sexism reared its ugly head in the comics medium during the past week… Last week, it was fully revealed (after being an “open secret” for awhile) that artist Yale Stewart had sent unsolicited lewd pictures of himself to various women. Stewart is the cartoonist of the popular webcomic “JL8,” about child versions of DC Comics’ Justice … Read more

David S. Goyer, writer of “Man of Steel” and its sequel, makes crude remarks about She-Hulk during a podcast

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David S. Goyer, the writer for “Man of Steel” as well as the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” got raked over the online coals yesterday for some decidedly choice remarks during a comics-related podcast program in front of an audience. When asked during the interview his thoughts about She-Hulk, the Hulk’s cousin, Goyer … Read more

Yet another round of comics sexism: Janelle Asselin, “Teen Titans” and online backlash

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Other than Amazon’s purchase of Comixology, the biggest comics topic online in the past week’s been yet another embarrassing round of sexism by a vocal segment of comic fans. To summarize: Janelle Asselin, a contributor to Comic Book Resources and comic creator, wrote a critique of the cover to the upcoming reboot/issue #1 of “Teen … Read more

A week of media racism, sexism, and homophobia: from superheroes to “Duck Dynasty”

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While it’s not all about comics/animation, the previous week’s seen plenty of racist, sexist, and homophobic stuff in the media that I feel’s worth remarking on anyway, especially since I’m tired of repeating myself in various online forums. To wit: Scott Lobdell mistreats fellow comic creator MariNaomi Last week, a comic creator named MariNaomi wrote … Read more

DC promises to address more diversity in its reboot-comics

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As reported on the blog “DC Women Kicking Ass” (and other comics news sites), DC posted this statement to their blog, addressing recent criticisms about their treatment and lack of female characters/creators lately, particularly in the upcoming DC reboot. On the one hand, it’s a welcome sign that somebody at DC (or possibly their higher-ups … Read more