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Updated on December 10, 2021

In honor of the Man of Steel and his extensive supporting cast, let’s look back at my various entries for minorities within the Superman mythos.

Ron Troupe

Ron Troupe is of Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s coworkers at the “Daily Planet.”

Franklin Stern and Morgan Edge

Two men who, at different points, have both owned the “Daily Planet.”

Maggie Sawyer

A friend of the Man of Steel (and Clark Kent), Maggie traditionally worked for the Metropolis “Special Crimes Unit,” a special division of the police. She’s more recently become romantically involved with Kate Kane.

Michael Dorn

Actor Michael Dorn has done some voice work for several Superman-related productions, including as the voices of Kalibak and Steel.

Andrea (“Krypto the Superdog”)

Andrea is a young girl who lives next door to Kevin and Krypto in the TV series “Krypto the Superdog.” She’s also the owner of Streaky the Supercat.

Muhammad Ali

The Greatest” once met and squared off against the Man of Steel in a classic late 70s comic special.


John Henry Irons is a superhero with close ties to Superman.

President Obama

President Obama‘s Earth-23 counterpart is his world’s Last Son of Krypton.

Angela Chen

Angela Chen is a coworker and professional rival of Lois Lane in the 90s cartoon “Superman: The Animated Series.”

Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a hero who also fights crime in Metropolis, but mainly as a “street-level” hero.


Bloodsport is a villain Superman fought in a few late 80s and 90s stories.

Dave Stevens and Tina Ames

Dave and Tina are the first recurring African-American characters to appear in Superman comics.

Keith White

Keith White is the foster son of “Daily Planet” editor Perry White in 90s Superman comics.

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee is the college roommate of Clark Kent in pre-Crisis flashbacks to Clark’s college years at Metropolis University.

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