The best 1990s superhero TV show or movie openings

Supergirl and Superman from "Superman:TAS"

Today, I’ll look at my picks for favorite 1990s superhero TV show and movie openings. My vote for the best 90s openings are “Batman: The Animated Series” and “The Powerpuff Girls.” But I did have plenty of runners-up to choose from… Captain Planet and the Planeteers I’ve written about this early 90s eco-conscious series in … Read more

RIP Marcia Wallace, voice of Mrs. Krabappel on “The Simpsons”

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Yesterday came sad news that Marcia Wallace has passed away at the age of 70. Besides starring on “The Bob Newhart Show” in the 70s, Wallace also is noted for having done voice work in animation, most famously as Mrs. Krabappel on “The Simpsons.” Mrs. Krabappel’s name, of course, is a pun on “crab apple,” which … Read more

Comic review: Darkwing Duck #9

Comic books

Darkwing Duck #9 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani This issue starts off by picking up the previous storyline’s plot about Darkwing’s reputation being ruined by the alternate-universe Darkwings running amok. With Launchpad’s help, DW attempts to improve his image. It isn’t long, however, before the main new plot begins: old Darkwing enemy … Read more

Comic review: Darkwing Duck #8

Comic books

Darkwing Duck #8 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani The “Crisis On Infinite Darkwings” story arc finally comes to a close, as Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Morgana, along with the *many* alternate versions of Darkwing, all team up to face Negaduck and a second villain, Paddywhack (who I assume is another villain from the … Read more

Comic review: Darkwing Duck #6

Comic books

This month’s issue of “Darkwing Duck” sees the story’s action ramped up. We see Darkwing tries to reassure St. Canard (at a press conference) that he’s not the one responsible for the odd alternate-Darkwings showing up and running rampant, nor the strange happenings with St. Canard’s water (the latter setting up a future storyline). Meanwhile, … Read more

Comics review: Tiny Titans #33, Darkwing Duck #5, Life With Archie #3

Comic books

Tiny Titans #33 Written by: Art Baltazar and Franco Art by: Art Baltazar This month features an “All-Robin Issue,” and true to its name, the stories center around various “wannabes” putting on Robin costumes, to Robin’s annoyance. Said “wannabes” including two younger kids named Jason and Tim, of course. This issue seems to feature a … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Boom! Studios for December 2010

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I’ve finally found what’s coming out from Boom! Studios for December 2010. Only two books are of interest this month (cover price of $4 each): Darkwing Duck #7 Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers #1 Darkwing Duck this month continues a crossover storyline with the “DuckTales” characters, with old Scrooge foe Magica DeSpell encountering a sorceress … Read more

Comic reviews: Darkwing Duck #4, Shazam! #20, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #6, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #6

Comic books

Darkwing Duck #4 Written by: Ian Brill Art by: James Silvani The fourth and final installment of the comic’s opening storyline comes to a close, and was as well done as the previous three issues. We finally see Darkwing fully confront the villain behind Quackwerks, Taurus Bulba, as well as see the return of the … Read more

Anthony’s picks for Marvel for December 2010, Boom! Studios for November 2010

Comic book shop display

Here’s my selections for what’s on tap from Marvel Comics for December 2010 and Boom! Studios for November 2010 (December listings for Boom! were unavailable). Marvel What I’ll be buying: Super Hero Squad #12, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 What I’ll consider buying: Spider-Man (Marvel Adventures) #9, on sale Dec. 2010, $3 Super Heroes (Marvel … Read more

Comics review: Life With Archie #1, Tiny Titans #31, Super Hero Squad #8, Darkwing Duck #3

Comic books

From time to time, I’ll be writing reviews of recently-read comics. I should note there’s plenty of spoilers below. Life With Archie #1 Written by: Michael Uslan Art by: Norm Breyfogle “Life With Archie” is a continuation of the “Archie Marries Betty/Veronica” alternate-futures storyline from last year, and is being published as a magazine-sized comic … Read more