Comic review: Darkwing Duck #6

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Darkwing Duck #6 coverThis month’s issue of “Darkwing Duck” sees the story’s action ramped up. We see Darkwing tries to reassure St. Canard (at a press conference) that he’s not the one responsible for the odd alternate-Darkwings showing up and running rampant, nor the strange happenings with St. Canard’s water (the latter setting up a future storyline). Meanwhile, Magica de Spell and Negaduck decide to put in effect the full force of their plan involving the various parallel universe Darkwings. And if *that’s* not enough, well, I guess the rest will have to wait for the next issue.

This one had more emphasis on action than the previous few issues, which helped build up more anticipation for what’s to come next issue (Darkwing vs. Darkwing(s)). The issue has its share of funny bits and sight gags, as well. Besides Spaceman-Darkwing and Caveman-Darkwing, there’s also an appearance of (among others) a Fozzie Bear-Darkwing. (I assume he’s “the terror that tells bad jokes in the night?”) Finally, there’s the various Disney (and Pixar) character cameos/references; apparently Gosalyn’s a fan of “The Incredibles.”

The art for this issue maintains the previous issues’ high standards. This issue comes with several variant covers; mine is the one pictured to the right.

Next issue sees, well, Darkwing vs. dozens of Darkwings. Should be fun!

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