Comic review: Darkwing Duck #9

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Darkwing Duck #9

Written by: Ian Brill
Art by: James Silvani

This issue starts off by picking up the previous storyline’s plot about Darkwing’s reputation being ruined by the alternate-universe Darkwings running amok. With Launchpad’s help, DW attempts to improve his image. It isn’t long, however, before the main new plot begins: old Darkwing enemy Steelbeak (of sinister spy agency F.O.W.L.) needs Darkwing’s help to stop Steelbeak’s bosses from unleashing upon the Earth the evil threat of… “Duckthulhu.” Yep, Lovecraft references in a comic with a talking duck superhero. While Darkwing, rightfully, distrusts Steelbeak, he decides to go along with him anyway to investigate. Meanwhile, Morgana and Gosalyn are left behind at home, though apparently not for long…

A nice start to the storyline. I look forward to seeing Gos (inevitably) show up next issue.

More random Disney references appear here: Gosalyn’s room is covered with posters of various Disney characters (ranging from Iago from “Aladdin” to King Louie from “The Jungle Book”). The lion statue outside the St. Canard Public Library resembles the lead character from the classic Disney short “Lambert, the Sheepish Lion” (and thus sparing us the 8 billionth “Lion King” reference, much as I like “The Lion King”).

Not related to the story, but to the cover (as shown above): Steelbeak according to that police height chart is 7 feet (213 centimeters) tall?! He didn’t look *that* tall in the TV series to me…


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