Flashpoint #2 variant cover: DC still doesn’t get it…

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Here’s the variant cover for “Flashpoint” #2, the current DC Comics crossover that leads into the new DCU reboot in a few months. As I noted earlier, the storyline takes place in some alternate timeline (thanks to monkeying with the past) where, apparently, Wonder Woman and her Amazons have turned malevolent (as has Aquaman). Cue this charming little variant cover (as posted on the “DC Women Kicking Ass” blog; probably NSFW):


Despite the storyline, “ugh” sums up my reaction to it. Wonder who thought of a cover showing superhero comics’ most famous female character, Wonder Woman, decapitating the head of Aquaman’s wife (Mera, a popular Aquaman cast member herself) was a good idea. Stuff like *this* is what I refer to when I mentioned in the DC-reboot post that DC needs to change its writing style and attitudes, not just have another continuity reboot. If this is what the “new readers they hope to attract” have to look forward to (along with the expensive crossover it’s part of), I don’t see said “new fans” sticking around for long, unless they’re horror story fans, and even that’s debatable. Of course, there’s also a whole pile of other ways to experience the superhero genre’s thrills (video games, movies, etc.), not to mention the other comic genres being put out by manga companies, independent press companies, etc.

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