Minorities in comics and animation: Inez (“Cyberchase”)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

I’ve already discussed the math-focused educational PBS cartoon “Cyberchase” before, back during Black History Month (for a post about Jackie), so let’s look at her fellow “Cyber Squad” teammate, Inez.


Inez is apparently the youngest member of the team, but is also the brainiest of the group. While they’re all smart, of course, Inez is the most bookish, often given to citing famous quotations (or expressions her grandmother uses). She also is quite sensitive about A) her height, and B) being nicknamed “Nezzie” (usually by teammate Matt). The latter is one of the series’ running gags. It’s also a catchphrase for Inez: “don’t call me Nezzie!”

The series’ main (indirect) references to Inez’s ethnicity I’ve seen were A) once citing a quote by her grandmother (who has the last name of “Garcia”) and B) singing a lullaby in Spanish to a dinosaur egg (long story) in the episode “EcoHaven CSE.”

Inez usually places a great emphasis on logic and precision. This sometimes comes up as a plot point in episodes dealing with topics like estimation. Inez’s problem-solving means contrast with her teammates. Jackie places emphasis on planning and information gathering. Meanwhile, Matt’s emphasis is on solving things from a “big picture” viewpoint. (I assume the latter also ties into Matt’s tendency to be spontaneous/rash.)

Voice actress

Inez is voiced by Annick Obonsawin, a Canadian First Nations woman who also voices Sierra on “Total Drama Island.” Obonsawin also made an appearance in the live-action Canadian-made series “Flashpoint.”

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