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Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

News came a day or so ago that Google Play, Google’s digital media store, has started to sell DC Comics’ single issue comics. While Google Play’s been selling some of DC’s trade paperbacks for awhile, it hasn’t done such for singles until now. DC’s been selling their singles on the Nook and Kindle stores, as well as digital comics giant Comixology, which will continue, of course.

I’d been hoping for awhile to see DC’s singles sold on Google Play, so this is welcome news. Marvel’s singles won’t be joining them, as they’re exclusively available only through Comixology. Besides offering an alternative to Comixology, Google Play also offers the option of downloading one’s purchases as watermarked PDFs (and for some books, also as Adobe DRMed EPUBs), presumably to be as compatible as possible with various Android devices. Well, most of their comics anyway; some random ones don’t seem available as PDFs/EPUBs. A way of checking is to see if anything’s listed under the book description’s “Additional Information” heading. Those available as PDFs/EPUBs will usually have listed devices they’re compatible with (“Android 3.0+ tablet,” “Web, tablet,” etc.).

Now that DC’s singles have been added, hopefully we’ll next see Boom Studios’ single issue books join Google Play someday.

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