Comic review: Mister Terrific #1

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Mister Terrific #1Mister Terrific #1

Written by: Eric Wallace
Art by: Gianluca Gugliotta

Mister Terrific’s first issue of his self-titled comic sees the world’s “third smartest person” make his debut in the “DCNU.” The biggest change for older fans of Michael Holt will be the lack of a Justice Society, though there’s no indication if this title takes place on the (upcoming) new Earth-Two (home of the JSA once again), or whatever-the-current-DCU-Earth-is-now-called (“Earth-One?” “New Earth?”). (SPOILERS ahead…)

This issue manages to cover the basic origin story for Michael Holt, which is mostly unchanged from before, aside from the addition of a mysterious appearance of his never-born son as a grown man, delivering a brief message to “Dad” before vanishing. We also get to see: a battle over London with a disposable villain; some character moments with Michael and Karen Starr, the head of software firm Starrware; an introduction to a few other supporting cast members; and a cliffhanger ending.

This issue seems pretty new reader friendly, and offers much more of an actual story (and even an origin!) than “Justice League” #1 did. Long-time readers, of course, will wonder if Karen here is still Power Girl (as do I). Michael Holt (through various scenes demonstrating his tech) shows us why he’s the “world’s third-smartest person.” We also get some humorous bits, such as someone asking who the two people smarter than Holt are, or a teenage intern of Holt’s at a fundraiser function trying to beg for a sip of champagne.

The main flaw for this story is the gratuitous amounts of blood shed (plus one gruesome head-snapping), suggesting old (bloodthirsty) habits at DC die hard. I suppose I should be grateful Michael’s limbs are all still intact by issue’s end, unlike Static.

Still, I’ll be back for next issue to see how things turn out from its cliffhanger ending (or what the deal with Karen is in the DCNU).

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