Kevin Keller’s getting married in the morning (of an alternate future)

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Updated on December 10, 2021

While I’ve briefly mentioned before that Archie’s new gay character, Kevin Keller, is tying the knot in an upcoming issue of “Life With Archie,” we’ve got more information about the event:

Looks like the happy event will take place in January’s “Life With Archie,” with the adult-Kevin apparently achieving his dream of serving in the armed forces. Or at least, the Kevin of the Veronica-future is getting married/serving in the military; far as I can tell, the Kevin of the Betty-future is still single (or “taken” but unmarried, anyway). And of course, these are all just “possible” futures…

Still no word on who the husband-to-be will be (presumably another new character, like future-Ethel’s boyfriend Fred Mirth).

As for the Comics Alliance link, regarding “…among the first [same-sex marriages] depicted in mainstream comic books in general,” in DC or Marvel proper (“mainstream comic books”), the only one that springs to mind is Stormwatch’s Apollo and Midnighter’s wedding, though I’m sure there’ve been others.

Also commenting on this is Fox News (in a “fair and balanced” manner; not linking to them, sorry) and Comics Worth Reading. Tying into the headline for CWR’s post, maybe this is more fodder for the idea of Riverdale being located in New York State, where same-sex marriage is now legal…


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