Comic review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold #21

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Updated on February 26, 2023

batman_batb21Batman: The Brave and the Bold #21

Written by: Landry Q. Walker
Art by: Eric Jones

In this issue, Batman teams up with Green Lantern again. This time, it’s to stop Earth from being conquered by a malevolent, extremely powerful galactic-spawned ancient entity named… Robert. Which prompts one of the funniest parts of the story, Batman reacting just as we do to such an unlikely name.

A fun tale, though short. Short because there’s two other stories in this issue, the usual “cold opener” and a reprint of a portion of a “Tiny Titans” story. The “cold opener” features the Lady Blackhawks, who until now I’d never heard of (just their all-male aviator adventurer counterparts, the Blackhawks) and the Dinosaur Gang, a group of gangster dinosaurs (who from a brief Google search don’t seem to have actual comics counterparts).

From the Wikipedia description, the Lady Blackhawks here are an actual group, versus just a codename used by several heroines in the “regular” books. I also liked seeing Batman’s thoughts on how odd yet “cool” his crimefighting life is.

There’s also a backup story, but not one from this title: a reprint of part of last month’s “Tiny Titans” #31, about Superboy’s Bizarro clone Match’s birthday party at the Fortress of Solitude. I wonder why they went with a partial-reprint from a completely different comic, besides to boost “Tiny Titans”‘s sales, of course.


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