Anthony’s recommended miscellaneous DC Comics

The Bronze Age JLA

I’ve previously covered recommended comics for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Thus, here’s a list of recommended comics for their Justice League pals, as well as the rest of the DC Comics roster of characters. Again, I try to favor trade paperbacks over single issues (or the expensive Archives editions).

Leap Day in cartoons

For the Man Who Has Everything

2016 brings upon us that quadrennial event, the leap year. Upon some research, it doesn’t seem to be a day that gets much mention in comics or animation, but I thought I’d list what I could find, anyway. Superman The famed superhero’s been given various birthdays over the years, but February 29 is the most frequently … Read moreLeap Day in cartoons

No more MDA Labor Day weekend telethons

AFGE in ice bucket challenge

Labor Day weekend is here once more. However, if you’re looking for the annual Labor Day weekend Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon, don’t bother: as of this year, it’s no more. For decades, the telethon was hosted by comedian Jerry Lewis, who stayed with the telethon from its 1956 debut until leaving it in 2010. The … Read moreNo more MDA Labor Day weekend telethons

DC Comics’ material diversity: Hope you like Batman

Batman (New 52)

In 2013, I did a blog post looking over the diversity of DC Comics’ core “New 52” books. It turned out that the number of books not tied to Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or the Justice League (or its members) could be counted on one hand. On top of that, a lopsided 42% of DC’s … Read moreDC Comics’ material diversity: Hope you like Batman

Anthony’s DC Comics picks for July 2015

Batman '66 #25

Here’s what’s of interest coming out from DC Comics in July. A full list of solicitations is available here. Comics Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #12, on sale July 15, $4 (digital first) Starfire #2, on sale July 8, $3 Bizarro #2 (of 6), on sale July 1, $3 Bat-Mite #2 (of 6), on sale … Read moreAnthony’s DC Comics picks for July 2015

DC’s live-action news: at long last, a Wonder Woman movie! (Also: Static Shock! Cyborg! Aquaman!)

Wonder Woman

Last week, DC and Warner Bros. announced its planned slate of live-action film projects through the end of the decade. Among the most surprising news: Wonder Woman’s finally getting a stand-alone movie! The only downside is that they also made clear that this version of Diana will be based on the not-kid-friendly New 52 version, complete … Read moreDC’s live-action news: at long last, a Wonder Woman movie! (Also: Static Shock! Cyborg! Aquaman!)

Comic review: Superboy: The Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told


In 2010, DC Comics released this compilation as part of its “Greatest…Ever Told” series of trade paperbacks.  DC in recent years has largely opted to either ignore the pre-Crisis Superboy (in favor of modern Superman backstory status quo or the Kon-El Superboy), hold him at arm’s length due to the ongoing Siegel/Shuster estates’ legal fights, or simply include Superboy stories … Read moreComic review: Superboy: The Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told

Minorities in cartoons: Thomas Kalmaku

Thomas Kalmaku

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Thomas “Tom” Kalmaku, a supporting character in the Green Lantern comics. Thomas first appeared in “Green Lantern” (vol. 2) #2 in October 1960. He was created by writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane. Background Tom was a mechanic employed at fictional Ferris Aircraft, where his pal Hal “Green … Read moreMinorities in cartoons: Thomas Kalmaku

Happy birthday, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern

According to the 1976 DC Calendar, February 20 is Hal Jordan’s (fictional) birthday. I’ve referenced said calendar in previous birthday posts for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman. While the DCU’s been retconned and rebooted eight ways to Sunday since 1976, I assume there’s no reason to think Hal’s in-universe birthdate has changed. Of note is that … Read moreHappy birthday, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)