The winner of the "favorite minority cartoon character" poll...

After a week, my “favorite minority cartoon characters” poll is now closed, and we have a winner, despite the very sparse vote count. The winner is…

John Stewart!


Thanks for voting, everyone! If you’re wondering about the results:

  • John Stewart: 3 votes
  • Storm: 2 votes
  • Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle): 2 votes
  • Icon: 1 vote
  • Spawn: 1 vote
  • Apache Chief: 1 vote
  • Black Panther: 1 vote
  • Oracle: 1 vote
  • Catwoman: 1 vote

Interesting vote results. I was expecting more votes for Storm (from X-Men fans) and/or Oracle (Barbara Gordon/Batman fans). Also peculiar is one vote for Catwoman, who doesn’t fit the poll’s requirements… unless the voter watched the live-action movie starring Halle Berry.

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