Apple now accepting non-iPhone phones for trade-ins

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Apple’s announced it’s expanding its “Reuse and Recycling Program” for computers to include iPhones.

Those looking to buy a new iPhone can now bring in a Windows phone, Android phone, or Blackberry for trade-in credit toward a new iPhone. The offer only applies to certain models, however, and doesn’t apply toward the Apple Watch.

Details are available here:

Apple now accepts trade-ins of Android, other rival phones – CNET.

I can see the appeal of Apple expanding trade-in options, especially given Apple’s desire to shore up the iPhone’s sales versus Android. It also might help lure more customers into Apple Stores (as a way to sell other stuff), especially less tech-savvy individuals looking to get their information off their old devices and onto a new iPhone.

Apple’s online trade-in page (via a third party) is available here.

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