Increasing price gap between iPhones, Android phones

Moto X (2014 model)

A study by venture capital firm KPCB on smartphone prices has shown that the price gap between the average iPhone and the average Android smartphone has grown since 2008. This is mainly from the prices on Android smartphones having dropped by half over the past eight years. The average Android smartphone price has dropped from $403 in … Read more

Apple announces new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 4-inch iPhone SE

iPhone SE

On Monday, an Apple keynote too place, where CEO Tim Cook and some other Apple staffers announced some new Apple product news. My thoughts on everything Apple announced follows below. Apple vs the FBI Tim Cook kicked things off early on by commenting on Apple’s valuing encryption. This tied into Apple’s recent ongoing standoff with the FBI over whether … Read more

How hands-off is OK Google versus Siri, as shown by… Cookie Monster?

Sesame Street cast

There’s a new iPhone ad on TV using “Sesame Street”‘s Cookie Monster. The ad promotes the iPhone’s Siri features as useful, with Cookie Monster using it while baking cookies. Here’s the ad: For comparison, I thought I’d try the same things Cookie Monster did with my Android-based phone, and its counterpart “OK Google” voice command … Read more

Apple now accepting non-iPhone phones for trade-ins

iPhone 6 models

Apple’s announced it’s expanding its “Reuse and Recycling Program” for computers to include iPhones. Those looking to buy a new iPhone can now bring in a Windows phone, Android phone, or Blackberry for trade-in credit toward a new iPhone. The offer only applies to certain models, however, and doesn’t apply toward the Apple Watch. Details are available … Read more