Batman ’66 is getting an animated film adaption

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Updated on December 10, 2021

The most popular live-action Batman TV series (sorry, “Gotham” and “Birds of Prey”) is getting an animated film adaption. Original series stars Adam West and Burt Ward are expected to return to reprise their roles as Batman and Robin.

The film’s set to be released next year, presumably both for the 50th anniversary of the TV series and as part of the merchandising campaign for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” though the latter is the polar opposite of the 60s TV series in tone. Presumably, it’s being released direct to video like the other recent DC animated films.

Since Warner Bros. and Fox resolved their licensing differences over “Batman” a few years ago, we’ve been getting a heavy amount of merchandise based on the show, including the recent “Batman ’66” digital-first comic and the very-long-overdue release of the series to DVD. I’ve been enjoying the comic, which is telling more stories set in the TV series’ world.

Given the kid-unfriendly and generally unappealing direction of DC’s direct-to-video animated films lately (mainly adapting New 52 stories/grimdark Batman stories doesn’t help), I’m strongly interested in seeing this film. Hopefully it’ll be at least as enjoyable as its spinoff comic.


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