Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for March 2011

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Updated on December 10, 2021

A bit later than expected, but here’s this month’s picks among DC Comics’ solicitations, this time for March 2011 (just in time for C2E2 in Chicago!):

Comics I’ll be buying

  • The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #5, on sale Mar. 9, $3
  • Tiny Titans #38, on sale Mar. 16, $3

Comics I might buy

  • Showcase Presents: Green Lantern, volume 5 TPB, on sale Apr. 20, $20


Lots and lots of Green Lantern is in store this month, all part of the build up to next summer’s Green Lantern movie. Thus, this month’s “Showcase Presents” is volume 5 of the series of Green Lantern collections, this one finally including the classic Green Lantern-Green Arrow team-ups (and the late 70s GL title revival).

After a heavy focus on superheroes, DC is *finally* releasing one of their old humor titles in an archive edition—the first ten issues of “Sugar and Spike,” the Silver Age humor series about two babies who engage in various misadventures and can communicate to each other in “baby talk.” The same shtick used by “Rugrats” decades later, of course. Hopefully, this means DC might consider reissuing some of its other old humor series, such as “Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew.”

On the Johnny DC side of things, “Batman: TBATB” this month features Guy Gardner, plus the Manhunters. Meanwhile, “Tiny Titans” offers Aqualad and his aquatic friends as the focus. Oddly, the “Looney Tunes” description spells Ralph Wolf’s name as “Ralph E. Wolf.” Guess somebody was thinking of Wile E. Coyote by mistake (though both characters are similar)…


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