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Updated on June 14, 2022

Time again for my picks among DC Comics’ solicitations, this time for the start of the new year (and the end of my spate of “2010: The Year We Make Contact” puns), January 2011.

I plan to buy

  • The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3, on sale Jan. 12, $3
  • Tiny Titans #36, on sale Jan. 19, $3

I’ll consider buying

  • DC Comics Presents: Superman – Sole Survivor #1, on sale Jan. 26, $8
  • Young Justice #0, on sale Jan. 19, $3


There’s finally a new “Showcase Presents” volume available, volume 5 of the “Justice League of America” series. This one includes the JLA/JSA team-up with the Seven Soldiers of Victory, a team of minor heroes (including the Golden Age version of Green Arrow) from the 1940s that wasn’t as successful as their fellow DC super-team, the Justice Society. The Seven Soldiers were soon dropped from their book (“Leading Comics”) in favor of finding more success with funny animals (particularly Peter Porkchops, one of DC’s more successful Golden Age/early Silver Age funny animal characters, though he’s more familiar to modern readers in his superhero identity of Pig Iron, from “Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew.” I wish DC would consider reprinting some of its old funny animal/humor books…).

I’ll note the ad copy promotes this volume as featuring “‘Blackest Night’ villain Solomon Grundy.” Not sure how much crossover there is between those buying “Blackest Night” and those interested in early Bronze Age JLA stories, but it’s nice to see DC’s cross-promoting their older material (featuring the characters appearing in their current crossovers) to current fans, who might not’ve seen the earlier stories before.

On the Johnny DC side of things, the recently-canceled “Super Friends” book is getting one final trade paperback to wrap up its run. “Tiny Titans” features a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” adventure/parody. Finally, “Batman: Brave and the Bold” actually remembers the Mad Hatter’s inspiration by having the Hatter send Bats and Flash to Wonderland (apparently with help from old Flash villain the Mirror Master). The “Young Justice” volume is listed in the “maybe” section as contingent on how much I like the animated series it’s based on (as soon as it debuts).

Finally, the Superman issue of “DC Comics Presents” is a reprint of several stories from the 90s series “Legends of the DC Universe,” which featured random flashback stories a la Batman’s “Legends of the Dark Knight” book. I’m mostly interested in the “billionaire thinks the Earth is going to explode” story, versus the “Superman meets the Ultra-Humanite for the ‘very first time’” retcon-tale. In reality, they first met way back in “Action Comics” #13 in 1939 (Ultra, a mad scientist, was superhero comics’ first recurring supervillain, though a few years later he was replaced by Luthor as Superman’s archfoe).

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