Marvel Comics review: Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7, Super Hero Squad #10

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7

Written by: Pal Tobin
Art by: Scott Koblish

Despite the cover giving the impression that this issue would be about the Invisible Woman, the story inside barely features her beyond a cameo. Instead, the focus is on Iron Man and Black Widow, who’re on a mission to explore the nature of an unidentified flying object that’s crashed into the ocean.

I’m not familiar with Black Widow or the story’s villain, but both were entertaining, with the story giving a brief but effective summary of the villain’s motives. The story also conveys some of Black Widow’s background, shows off her skills, and highlights some of her shadier background aspects.

Super Hero Squad #10

Written by: Todd Dezago (both stories)
Art by: Marcelo Dichiara (first story), Dario Brizuela (second story)

A Halloween themed issue this month. The first story shows the Squaddies heading off to (the second story’s) Halloween party at the Baxter Building hosted by the Fantastic Four. However, festivities are diverted for yet another fractal hunt, this time in the swamp occupied by classic Marvel monster, Man-Thing.

The second story shows the party itself, as the Fantastic Four interact with the guests (various heroes seen in the series to date) while investigating who the uninvited (villainous) guest is. Not sure if it’s also part of the second story (it doesn’t have any credits), but there’s also a few pages afterwards showing Dr. Doom’s own “festivities” for Halloween.

I liked seeing the various heroes’ costumes. Most of the Squaddies are dressed as classic Marvel horror comic characters—“Werewolf By Night,” “Tomb of Dracula,” etc. Hulk indicating he’s getting “very angry” at “Hammer” (Thor) for wearing the same costume (“The Living Mummy”) is amusing, along with the (typically lame) motivation for the uninvited guest at the Fantastic Four’s party.

Next issue features a Western theme.


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