Vixen to get an online CW animated series, ties into “Flash” / “Arrow”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

DC superheroine Vixen will get her own animated series that’ll air online via “CW Seed,” the CW network’s subsidiary studio/website that streams online-only shows. On top of this, Vixen’s series will tie into the current superhero shows on the CW, “The Flash” and “Arrow.”

This is good news not only for Vixen (and for diversity in animated superheroes), but also for those hoping WB/DC would finally produce an animated series that isn’t centered around Batman in any way, shape or form. DC’s animated series over the past decade have been heavily Batman-centric; while “Teen Titans Go” is successful, the team’s leader still Robin. The direct-to-video productions have also been particularly Batman-heavy, adapting mostly recent Batman comic storylines.

Admit I’m not wild about the CW’s shows. “Flash”‘s use of the recent Barry’s-mom-got-killed-by-Zoom retcon and the heavy “Barry’s gonna die in a ‘Crisis’” foreshadowing are for me big negatives on an otherwise OK show. I haven’t seen “Arrow,” but still wonder why the name changes from “Green Arrow”/”Star City” to “Arrow”/”Starling City.” (Trademarks?) Still, I assume “Vixen” will largely stand on its own as a show.

Vixen’s been around in comics since 1981, but has appeared in animated series before, including “Justice League Unlimited” (her animation debut) and “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.”

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