Tech thoughts: JavaScript lessons, digital comics, and Netflix price hikes

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7Miscellaneous thoughts for this week’s post:

  • If you’re wondering how the JavaScript lessons are going, they’ve stalled a bit, thanks to the repressive heat wave this week making it hard to do much of anything in my non-air conditioned apartment. But I have gotten roughly almost halfway through!
  • In the same-day digital comics realm, Marvel plans to sell Spider-Man and X-Men digital comics as same-day releases. Hopefully this includes the “Marvel Adventures” Spider-Man comic, and (moreso) selling them through Comixology’s website and Android interfaces, for those of us without iOS devices. (One of the major flaws with the glorified-rental approach toward digital comics sales by the major companies, of course…)
  • People online are throwing a fit over Netflix making video streaming and DVD rental separately charged features, effectively raising the price on both combined. In my case, I just use Netflix for the DVD rentals, so the streaming aspects don’t affect me. I use the DVD aspects since A) not all of the TV box sets and movies I watch are available through streaming and B) Netflix refuses to use Flash for streaming, but instead the non-Linux-compatible Silverlight (no, the Moonlight plugin for Linux doesn’t work with Netflix, before you ask).

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