Hulu drops its free video service

Hulu logo out of Legos

One of the online pioneers of streaming video, Hulu’s dropping its free tier to focus on its paid-only services.

Hulu, co-owned by Disney, Fox, Comcast, and (with a recent investment) Time Warner, has been offering as its main specialty episodes of recently-aired TV shows, mainly from over-the-air networks. However, there’s been plenty of streaming video changes since its 2007 debut, thanks to rival streaming service Netflix taking off.

Minorities in cartoons: “The Deep”

"The Deep" TV series

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is “The Deep,” a CGI animated series. The series is based on a comic (of the same name) by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer.

“The Deep” follows the adventures of the Nektons, a famous family of undersea explorers who live in a large, high-tech submarine named “the Aronnax.” Traveling the world, the family gets involved with various aquatic adventures.