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Updated on December 10, 2021

GoogleI don’t think I’ve written much about Google+, Google’s social network service, not having used it before. That, and a bit wary about signing up for it; while Facebook wins no awards for its handling of privacy, at least it’s not tied into our online lives to the degree that Google does. As it stands, I use Google’s myriad of services for: email; online calendar; YouTube; the ads that run on my site (though pondering removing said ads again…); my Android-powered smartphone; and as a search engine. Not sure I want to use it as a social network, too, or even if it’s worth it—while people seem to be signing up for Google+, it still seems to pale in membership size versus Facebook. That, and I only signed up for Facebook just last year, and still have few “friends” on there… Twitter is my most frequently used social network site.

Still, Google seems determined to make Google+ not become the next Orkut/Buzz/Wave, so they’re going all out on trying to get people to sign up for Google+, even if registering for other online services Google offers. While I suppose they can do whatever they want (free services and all), seems kind of pushy. That said, some of what I’ve read about Google+ sounds a lot nicer than Facebook (the “circles” feature, better privacy controls—even despite Google’s recent changes to its privacy policies, etc.).

So I’ll close with asking: do any of you use Google+? Have you abandoned Facebook permanently in favor of “da Google,” use both, etc? And what do you mostly use Google+ for?

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