The six most valuable public companies in 2006 versus 2016

Apple Store

Much has changed in both technology and in the business world since 2006. A decade ago, the smartphone boom hadn’t started, Apple started its MacBook series of laptops (replacing the previous iBook and Powerbook lines), and social media was just taking off.

On the business side, the most valuable public companies in 2006 were mostly energy companies or banking. However, the next 10 years would see big changes for both sectors.

I’m now on Instagram

Instagram logo on blue background

After some indifference all this time, I’ve finally decided to sign up for Instagram, the popular photo sharing service. In the past, I’ve had some doubts about the need for Instagram, between my lack of interest in most filters, the limited photo size options, and storing my photos on Google Photos. I also usually display photos … Read moreI’m now on Instagram