My social network usage (Spring 2016)

Social media apps

Here’s a look at, and my thoughts on, my current social media usage. Facebook Some months ago, I shut down the Facebook page I made for this blog. Facebook’s limited the “organic” (normal, non-curated) reach of pages to nearly zero, even for those that liked the page. The idea is to get users to pay for “boosting” a post’s visibility … Read more

Founder of 4chan hired by Google

Google sign

Chris “moot” Poole, the founder of the online cesspool known as 4chan, has been hired by Google. While there’s no news yet what exactly he’ll be doing there, his comments about using his “building online communities” and a Twitter tweet by Google+’s founder Bradley Horowitz (now working elsewhere within Google) suggests he’ll be working with … Read more

Google+ revised to focus on Communities


While Google+ is still around, Google’s stab at social media hasn’t taken off as hoped. Google’s been spinning off some of Google+’s successful features into stand-alone services, such as Photos, but is still keeping Plus itself around. This week, Google has released its biggest change to date for Plus. The desktop site’s been revised to match … Read more

Google plans to unlink Google+ from its services


Google’s recent moves to decouple Photos from Google+ isn’t the only Google+ news. Google announced on its blog earlier today that the search engine giant also plans to unlink Google+ as a requirement for its various other services, starting with YouTube comments. YouTube comment users hated the shift to requiring Google+ for comments, so they’ll presumably be … Read more

Google+ Photos shutting down on August 1, 2015

Google Photos

Google’s recently spun off its popular Google+ Photos service into the stand-alone Google Photos, without the “+” or ties to Google’s less-than-popular Google+ social network. As such, the search engine giant is shutting down its Google+ Photos apps as of August 1, starting with the Android app, followed by the iOS and web versions. Users … Read more

Google Photos now a standalone service

Google Photos

Google’s been promising for awhile to separate its popular Google+ Photos service from its less-popular Google+ social network. Today, at its I/O developer conference, Google’s made good on its promise: as of today, Google Photos is a stand-alone service. The revamped web service is now online, while updated apps for Android and iOS are also … Read more

Google+ Photos now available through Google Drive

Google+ screenshot

Google’s previously announced plans to break out its popular photo hosting/mobile photo backup service from its Google+ social media network. As such, Google’s now offering access to said photos from Google Drive accounts. Google’s also allowing the ability to automatically back up photos to Drive from mobile devices. The service seems to be slowly rolling out; I’ve yet to … Read more