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Updated on December 10, 2021

I last looked at my social media usage state last fall, when I wrote about how I promote my blog using social media. However, I thought the current status quo merited a full-fledged post, similar to the one I wrote this time last year.


I still use Facebook, as it’s the dominant social network, and that’s not changing anytime soon (despite its flaws). Family, relatives, and online friends are also on Facebook, giving me at least one incentive to keep using it.

Last year, I’ve reactivated my blog’s Facebook page. While I’m not sure to the degree my page is responsible, Facebook-derived traffic has gone up for my blog. It’s now the #1 or #2 social network-related source of traffic.

I put on my Facebook page new blog posts and at least one older blog post each day. I’ve also been trying to share interesting articles.


Twitter’s my favorite and most heavily used social network. As such, much of my blog’s social media-related traffic has come from Twitter. Of course, Twitter keeps getting a lot of criticism. Some of it’s deserved (such as its poor handling of trolls), while some less so (Wall Street seems annoyed it’s not like Facebook).

I share new blog posts to Twitter several times a day, as well as retweet older posts. I also retweet a lot of stuff in general, and converse with others on Twitter about shared interests or the news of the day.


I’ve been using Pinterest for awhile. While it’s not a heavily used social network, I still pin new blog posts to my Pinterest page. I also sometimes go through the boards to find interesting infographics.


I still post new blog posts and some older posts to my Google+ profile. I also occasionally use one comics-related forum.

That said, my Google+ usage has fallen off, as nobody else I know uses the service. Blog traffic originating from Google+ sometimes gets a spike. However, it’s gone from my main source of social media traffic to (in the past month) third, behind Facebook and Twitter.

I still like Google+ and its features, but I suppose the fact remains Facebook and Twitter are much more popular.


Instagram doesn’t drive any blog traffic, but it is convenient for posting new photos. It’s also more popular a service versus Flickr (which I’ve stopped using), and is tied into my Facebook account. (Facebook, of course, owns Instagram.)


Like everyone else, I have a LinkedIn account. And like everyone else, LinkedIn serves mostly as an electronic address book for people I’ve met at functions, Meetup meetings, and networking events. I occasionally post technology-related blog posts to LinkedIn and keep my profile updated. I also have my LinkedIn URL on my business cards.

That said, the network’s not helped me get a job. Even the LinkedIn groups I joined seem either spam-filled or pretty dead.


I don’t really view YouTube as a social network; for me, it’s mostly to watch my favorite YouTube channels and clips of TV shows. However, I do keep a few videos and playlists on YouTube, though none of them drive any blog traffic.

Other social networks


I started using Tumblr about the same time I did Pinterest. However, I’ve stopped using Tumblr, as I feel I wasn’t getting much out of it. It also feels redundant compared to other social networks and this very blog. My Tumblr blog’s still up, but it hasn’t been updated in months.


I’ve still not gone back to Reddit after briefly trying it out. The blog gets an occasional, small bit of Reddit traffic, but otherwise, it’s not anything of note.

As for personal use, Reddit’s problems and my negative experience using it haven’t made me want to go back.


Overall, Facebook and Twitter are my main two social networks these days. Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are secondary ones; LinkedIn gets used occasionally.

Which social networks do you use?

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