LinkedIn is worth $26 billion… who knew?


Earlier this week came surprising news that Microsoft’s bought LinkedIn, the social network aimed at professional networking and job hunters. The social network is apparently worth $26.2 billion, with Microsoft paying $196 a share in an all-cash deal. (Disclosure: I’m currently working for a contractor that does some work with Microsoft.) This comes as good news for LinkedIn, … Read moreLinkedIn is worth $26 billion… who knew?

My social network usage (Spring 2016)

Social media apps

Here’s a look at, and my thoughts on, my current social media usage. Facebook Some months ago, I shut down the Facebook page I made for this blog. Facebook’s limited the “organic” (normal, non-curated) reach of pages to nearly zero, even for those that liked the page. The idea is to get users to pay for “boosting” a post’s visibility … Read moreMy social network usage (Spring 2016)

A look at my social network usage (Summer 2014)

Twitter screenshot

As everyone knows, social media networks dominate online life for most Internet users these days, with Facebook and Twitter the dominant ones. I thought I’d write up my feelings and experiences so far about the social networks I use. Most of the ones I use can be reached via the links section in the left sidebar. Facebook … Read moreA look at my social network usage (Summer 2014)

Digg digs its own grave, sold off for parts

MacBook Air on a table

Today comes news that once-influential social network Digg is basically being sold off in parts to several entities: the Washington Post (its staff), professional social networking site LinkedIn (for its patents), and a company called Betaworks (for the domain name, data, and whatever else is left). While Digg made some dubious decisions, it still seems … Read moreDigg digs its own grave, sold off for parts

Tech thoughts: LinkedIn privacy issues

MacBook Air on a table

This week, I learned that career-oriented social network LinkedIn has made a few questionable changes involving sharing of user information. Particularly, they’ve set up an “opt-out” sharing scheme with advertisers to link some user information to various ads. There’s more on this, including the less-than-straightforward way to opt out, here: Seriously, not a good … Read moreTech thoughts: LinkedIn privacy issues