Blog revision updates (May 2018)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

I know I just wrote about revising the blog last month, but enough’s recently changed that I felt a newer post was in order.

Yet another new WordPress blog theme (Poseidon)

I’ve once again switched WordPress themes. This time, I’ve moved to Poseidon, a theme produced by German WordPress theme maker ThemeZee. I’ve used their themes before, but I thought I’d give this one (with the usual child theme customizing) a go.

Rearranged navigation menu

Along with the theme switch came updating the navigation menu.

Besides moving the site logo into the menu bar, I’ve also:

  • Moved the categories up to menu bar level, versus under a drop-down menu.
  • Deleted the “Miscellaneous” category from the menu, out of space concerns. It’s also an infrequently used category—I only really use it for notifying of site-related news (such as this blog post).
  • Deleted the “Features” category. It only contained a few items, and I don’t think the pages under it (a collection of links to recommended comics and WordPress tips) received much traffic.

LinkedIn profile

I’ve also reinstated a link to my LinkedIn profile along with the Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS social media icons in the sidebar. (LinkedIn’s also been re-added as a share button, replacing Pinterest.)

Since I started posting blog links there again (to the tech- and media-related posts), LinkedIn’s generated more site traffic than Pinterest. On a personal level, I’m also still looking for technical writing and/or clerical work. I’m open to something that’s freelance/part-time or full-time.

Revised privacy policy

Finally, I’ve revised and updated my privacy policy. While privacy policies aren’t something that gets much attention, it is important to have one, as I run Google AdSense ads on my site.

There’s also been changes to WordPress to support the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new set of rules that requires sites serving the EU to practice much stricter data handling and privacy procedures. Said rules go into effect this week. While my site’s hosted here in the US (with a Canadian domain name registrar), the nature of the law’s reach is forcing many web site owners to reconsider and update privacy standards.

WordPress’ most recent update (version 4.9.6) added more support for GDPR standards. Among the changes include WordPress now offering a basic privacy policy template for users. I used it along with my old one to update my privacy policy.

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