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Updated on December 10, 2021

How to promote one’s blog via social media is a heavily written topic online. Thus, I thought I’d also join in. I’ve listed below what social media I’m using to promote my blog, and how I use said networks.

Recommended social networks

The two social networks I suggest at minimum are Facebook and Twitter, the biggest and most entrenched social networks online. Facebook has various flaws and annoyances, including the use of a curated feed and offering to “boost” visibility (somewhat) on posts for a price. All of which has led to reducing organic outreach and making the service basically “pay to play.” However, Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon.

Other social networks beyond these two should be chosen as one feels fit. For example, photography and creative arts users will want to use services such as Pinterest and Instagram, plus photography sites like Flickr.


Posting frequency:

  • Upon publication


Posting frequency:

  • Upon publication (early morning)
  • Three hours later
  • Mid-afternoon
  • The next day
  • A week later


Posting frequency:

  • Upon publication
  • A week later
  • A month later


Posting frequency:

  • Upon publication

Other social networks


I don’t have a set schedule for Instagram. I’ll post a picture if and when I have one available that’s worth sharing.


Tumblr’s a social network I’ve mostly allowed to become defunct, but when I did regularly use it, I adhered to the same posting schedule as Facebook.


LinkedIn’s similarly fallen off in regular usage for me lately, but I’ve sometimes been sharing links to my technology-related blog posts.

RSS and Email

Not quite modern social media, but I also offer an RSS feed and an email subscription for the blog, for those that don’t want to visit my site every day. Links to sign up with both can be found in the sidebar.


All of the above is subject to change; social media’s a constantly evolving thing. There’s also new social networks, new tips I can learn, and so on.

What do you all use to promote your blog?


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