Ways to attribute Flickr Creative Commons photos

Fremont bridge, Seattle

Creative Commons photos are quite useful for websites and bloggers, but do require attribution for their creators to be included. This includes the photos offered on services such as Flickr. The Creative Commons wiki recommends photo attribution includes the following information: Title of the photo Author of the photo Source of the photo, preferably as a link to … Read more

NY Public Library releases 180,000 public domain images

Harlem Dance

The New York Public Library has released over 180,000 public domain images from its collection. Said collection of images is largely photos and artwork, but also include various sheet music, manuscripts, maps, and so forth. Since all of the material is under the public domain, it’s free for anyone to use. NPR has more on this collection release. … Read more

“Happy Birthday” is (presumably) now copyright free

Birthday cake

A federal judge has ruled this week that Warner Bros. has no claim to the copyright on the lyrics for “Happy Birthday To You,” the ubiquitous birthday song. The full details of the case and the history of the song are written up in this Variety article. The actual tune has been in public domain since 1949. … Read more

Flickr now allows users to set Public Domain licenses on photos

SpaceX launch

Flickr’s announced it’s now allowing users to select public domain licensing for their photos, as part of their existing Creative Commons licenses. While Flickr’s long been one of the biggest and most enthusiastic photo sharing sites to offer Creative Commons photos, the lack of CC’s public domain option has been one of the more noticeable omissions. One … Read more

My favorite free sources of photos

Seattle skyline

As you’ve noticed, I make use of a lot of photos for my blog posts. While some of these are pictures or screenshots of things like TV shows, movies, or comics, others are photographs I use as a way to illustrate a blog post, such as the one I wrote about Radio Shack going under. … Read more